Monday, July 26, 2010

The Nesting Place

Oldy but goody. This is one of the first ads I created but also one of my favorites. The ad integrated live action, stop-motion and extensive green screen work. The final spot ended up having a really nice feel to it that reflected what the shop was all about...

The Nesting Place from malcolm man on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jeff Leonard

I've always found it a little challenging in making political ads interesting and/or unique. Jeff Lenard, however, had a really positive attitude and fit my style well. This ad had to be produced ultra fast. Everything was cranked out within a week...

Theodore McFinesworth

This is my first test with 'motion matching' software and integrating animation into a live action environment. A short film involving this character may follow...

Fresh Water Pond

All work and no play makes for...a very productive person? I don't know, but this is a short little 'video portrait' I did just for fun out at a beautiful property in Fresh Water

Native Springs Water

Just finished Native Springs Water's newest ad, "bio-bottle". Aimed at promoting their new bio-degradable water bottle.

This one was a bit fun in that I got to dabble in a little stop-motion animation for the second half of the ad.

The Beginning...

Here begins my new company, Runaway Kite. This blog shall catalog my attempt at making commercials that don't look horrible in my current place of residence, Humboldt County.

Formally working for Stroop Effect Studios for over 4 years as an editor, videographer, motionographer and general creative superhuman; I finally decided to venture off on my own and see if I can make my bones in this big wide world.

Looking forward to pleasing new clients in creative and interesting ways!